Maintaining your roof is important.  Buildup of moss and algae con retain moisture that will eventually break down your roofing material and lead to expensive repairs. 


We use professional techniques to clean your roof, leaving it free of moss and organic material 


Roof Scraping: From the safety of our portable scaffold, we use long reach poles to scrape each tile individually.  After removing the bulky moss and organic material, we follow it with a biocide treatment to further breakdown any remaining organic material and naturally clean your roof over time. 


Steam Cleaning: Low pressure steam cleaning is safe on roof tiles as we allow the heat to do most of the work.  You will see a cleaner, brighter roof immediately.  This too is followed with a biocide treatment to prevent further organic growth. 


Our technicians work from the safety of a mobile scaffold, and only utilize ladders in extremely rare and difficult to reach circumstances.  Safety is very important to us.